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For us it is important, that next to a music education we can help young musicians discover their creativity. We are sure, that "Instrument play starts with love for music!"

Besides becoming great piano players, we want them to be MUSIC LOVERS, COMPOSERS, GREAT, BRAVE AND TALENTED MUSICIANS! 


That´s why we don´t just teach them notes - we teach them playing by ear, ensemble playing, improvising, creating and recording their own music, preforming and much more. 

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LA Piano School is dedicated to teaching piano. We offer private piano lessons and group piano lessons. 


Our school has about 300 students, but we keep growing. Lessons take place in Peetri (near Tallinn) and in Kadriorg (Tallinn).

Our teachers are creative and inspiring musicians. who love what they do.  That´s why our teachers always complete the assignments given to students. If students preform in the end of the lesson, the teacher preforms too. When students compose a piece and record it to our yearly piano album, teachers each compose and record a piece too. In the concerts teachers always preform next to the students.  

Students also participate in creating study materials. You can find the notes created by our students from website under the beginners pieces.






"Teacher has to be a role model to students at all times. That´s why our teachers do everything their students do -

- preform, improvise, record etc".



"Our daughter has private lessons with the teacher. She has learned so much with only a few months. She already practices the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean. We are very happy!" - Robert, 13. March 2017

"Lauri was so enthused by the piano lesson that leaving the lesson he said that he wants to go there every day!" -  Raili, 17. october 2016


"Henry said to me yesterday that he will leave the kindergarten and will only start going to piano lessons every day instead :)" -  Angela, 20. october 2015

"My child was so inspired after the lesson. She really liked the teacher and his playful style. Now she keeps asking when she can go to the lesson again". -  Elin, 4. december 2016


LA Piano School is added to The Estonian Education Information System EHIS as a private school, license nr 13994.  

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