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LA Piano School is the first music school in Estonia to offer piano group lessons. Group lessons take place with 5 - 8 students. Everyone has their own keyboard and we learn the pieces mainly together. Every time we master a piece, we preform to fellow students. Together we learn notes, music symbols and practice rhythm on different rhythm instruments. We learn to sing notes by ear and play fun music games. 

Price: 58 euros per month

Frequency: 1 lesson per week

Place: Peetri School (Harjumaa), 

Gaia School (Tallinn, Kadriorg).

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Private piano lessons are for adults and children (from age 4). There is no age limit for private lessons.


Private lessons for children are fun and playful. We use fairy tales to learn solfege and games for helping children remember. We study notes already in the first lesson. We also start improvising and making up our own songs from the very beginning of the classes. 

Private piano lessons for adults do not have age limit. Everybody can start learning the piano and it is never too late. Adults learn much faster than children. To increase your lessons efficiency you should have a piano where you can regularly practice. An adult who practices regularly, can play a piece like this after 6 moths of lessons: .

We consider your preferences  with The pieces we play in the lessons. Nobody has to play Beethoven if they don´t like him :) 



Price: 125 euros per month

Frequency: 1 lesson per week

Place: Peetri School (Harjumaa) or

LA Piano School (Tallinn, Kadriorg)

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