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Piano teacher/singing teacher

  • Private piano lessons 

  • Group piano lessons

  • Private singing lessons

  • Group singing lessons


Julia Janiak graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw (Rhytmics- Musical Education) and the Academy of Music in Wrocław (Composition, Choral Conducting). She also continues her studies in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in Tallinn (Classical Music Performance, Vocal specialty). 

Julia has played piano for 20 years. She sings and takes part in various singing competitions and performances since the age of 3. 



She has been engaged with the choral community since 2005 as a singer, composer, and conductor.

She is the author of solo, chamber, and choral music pieces. Her recently completed projects include the soundtrack to Marta Guśniowska's "The Little Tchard" directed by Karolina Przystupa at the AST branch in Wrocław, and the opera "The Forest That Has Stopped Singing" to the libretto written by Dawid Gębala.


Julia teaches music for over 7 years, working with various age groups and using different methods, and working with different activities, like singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

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