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  • Piano group lessons


Director/piano teacher

Reet has played piano over 25 years. Reet has studied classical piano and can also play piano accordion. She has taught piano about 12 years and has also 12 years of experience in piano group lessons.


Reet has about 12 years of teaching experience. Reet started her teaching career in an International music school chain Forte School of Music, located in Sydney, Australia, where she was private piano teacher, group piano teacher and a singing teacher. She has also worked in another music school located in Sydney, Australia, Creative Keys Music. In Creative Keys Music she was a private piano teacher and a singing teacher. Reet has been the director of LA Piano School for the last 7 years.

“Before you teach children to play music, you have to teach them to love music"

- Reet Lantson, director


Reet has a bachelor degree from Tartu University and has worked in financial audit for 5 years. Reet has also studied music therapy in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Reet is the founder and director of LA Piano School. The methodology used in group lessons is created by Reet, although the roots of it come originally from Australia.




Reet is the author of a piano book “Klaveriõpik Lastele” (Piano book for Children), published in 2014. The book is available in most of the book stores in Estonia and has been very popular. “Klaveriõpik Lastele” is used for teaching in most music schools in Estonia. The book is also a used in group and private piano lessons in LA Piano School.  

Reet has also written a book called "Tuntud lastelaule klaverile" (Famous Piano Songs for Piano), and a piano sight reading book which LA Piano School used for teaching. At the moment Reet is finishing her second piano book “Klaveriõpik Lastele 2”, “Piano book for Children 2”.


As a teacher I want to teach my students to play the piano with their whole body and mind, as well as express their emotions through piano. I also pay a lot of attention to sight reading as I believe it  always makes a pianist’s life easier. I do my best to help young musician discover and develop their creative sides.




I love teaching piano. I believe that’s what makes a teacher great. I want to teach students to love music and piano. That’ s why I try to make my classes fun and exiting for students. I love music and especially piano and I try to pass my passion on to students.

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